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The Aurelian Academy Romance Series

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Book One

Awakening to untapped power, ordinary farm girl Aria Brightmoore sees her simple life unravel when powerful magic gifts awaken on her 16th birthday, sparking a dangerous yet alluring new supernatural destiny. Whisked away to the ancient Aurelian Academy of Magic, Aria enters an exotic world of ancient sorcery, mythical creatures and cutthroat supernatural politics that will test the limits of her burgeoning witch powers.

As she seeks to master her fiery talents with spells, enchantments, and the mystic arts, Aria finds herself at the center of deadly magical intrigues swirling around Cyrus, the charming boy next door crown prince, and Lucius, the darkly seductive foreign prince—both impossibly alluring and attractive men hiding explosive secrets.

Torn between dangerous lust and heart-wrenching love, loyalty sworn and destiny foretold, Aria must navigate the academy’s glittering yet treacherous halls without losing herself to unrestrained passion or the darker magics that corrupt from within.



This dark fantasy coming of age academy romance is like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets A Court of Thorns and Roses, blending rich magic worldbuilding and a simmering love triangle sure to leave you spellbound!

Get swept up in Aria’s journey as she navigates her burgeoning witch powers and dangerous temptations from dashing immortals Cyrus and Lucius. If you crave paranormal soap operas full of unrestrained magic, shadowy intrigue, and electric romance set within exclusive supernatural academies, In Shadows and Temptation needs to be your next obsession!

So do yourself a favor and escape into this addictive tale overflowing with enchantment and seduction around every corner…Your heart and imagination will thank you! Order now!

Book Two

As darkness descends upon Aurelian Academy, Aria finds herself plunged into a world of peril and mystery once more. Cryptic messages haunting the midnight hours foretell of a sinister presence lurking within the shadows, threatening the safety of all who dwell within the hallowed halls of magic. With each passing day, the attacks grow more vicious, claiming innocent lives and shattering the illusion of safety. As Aria races against time to uncover the truth, old wounds are reopened and long-buried secrets resurface, casting doubt on the loyalty of those she holds dear.

Meanwhile, Cyrus returns to Aurelian Academy, his presence stirring memories of a love lost amidst the chaos of their past. As tensions simmer and suspicions mount, Aria and Cyrus find themselves drawn together once more, bound by a love that refuses to be extinguished. But with betrayal lurking around every corner and danger closing in from all sides, will their love be enough to withstand the trials that lie ahead?

In a world where darkness reigns and secrets lurk in the depths of the night, Aria and Cyrus must navigate a treacherous path to uncover the truth before all is lost. Marked by midnight, their destinies intertwine as they embark on a journey of courage, sacrifice, and redemption in the face of unfathomable darkness.

Book Three-Part One

In the thrilling continuation of Aria and Cyrus’s story, the young witch and her companions find themselves on the precipice of a new adventure in “Veil of Destiny,” the first part of the epic third installment of the series.

Following the clues left behind by Aria’s Aunt Callie, the group discovers a mysterious portal hidden within the attic of her house. With the guidance of Morwenna, a wise and ethereal ghost, Aria, Cyrus, Jasper, Sophie, and Lucius must gather their courage and cross the threshold into the Primordial Nexus, a realm filled with wonder, magic, and untold dangers.

As they navigate through enchanted forests, confront riddling sentinels, and unravel the secrets of floating islands, the companions face trials that test their strength, wit, and loyalty to one another. New allies emerge, each with their own unique abilities and knowledge, helping the group navigate the treacherous landscape of the Primordial Nexus.

Aria and her friends soon realize that their journey is not merely a quest to rescue the Original Witch, but also a race against time to prevent a looming prophecy from unfolding. Ancient riddles and cryptic clues lead them deeper into the heart of the realm, where they must confront cunning adversaries and forge unlikely alliances to succeed.

With breathtaking magic, heart-pounding action, and a richly imagined world, “Veil of Destiny” invites readers to embark on an unforgettable journey alongside Aria, Cyrus, and their companions as they unravel the secrets of the Primordial Nexus and race against time to rescue the Original Witch. But as the veil of destiny begins to lift, the group must confront the truth that their actions may hold the key to the fate of the realm itself.


Book Three -Part Two

Chaos descends on the Aurelian Academy when a dangerous grimoire vanishes from its locked archives. As bizarre accidents plague the school, Aria and her friends – Cyrus, Sophie, Jasper, and Lucius – know the missing book has awoken ancient evils from the shadow realms. They embark on a perilous search for the grimoire, facing challenges that test their bond and threaten to divide the houses.

Navigating shifting loyalties and clashing agendas, Aria strives to unite the academy against the growing darkness. But as the grimoire’s influence spreads, turning allies into enemies, she must confront an evil professor who seems to be at the heart of the crisis. Aria’s burgeoning romance with Cyrus becomes both a source of strength and a vulnerability as they battle the book’s corrupting power.

To save the academy, Aria and her companions must venture into the Forbidden City, confront betrayal from within, and perform a dangerous ritual. With the fate of the school hanging in the balance, Aria discovers that love and unity are the key to overcoming the grimoire’s malevolent force. But victory will demand a profound sacrifice that will forever change her destiny and the future of the Aurelian Academy.

The Blue Flame Witch Series

In the shadowy depths of The City of Perrish, a figure cloaked in whispers roams, her name a chilling echo: the Lady of Death…

She’s Trouble Ferell, a ruthless assassin feared by all who tread the city’s darkened streets. But fate seems to have grander plans for her than mere bloodshed when she gets the revelation that she’s a goddess and a witch… with blue flames.

Trouble thinks nothing of it, but the signs keep coming, and mythical creatures surface, including a succubus with horns as sharp as the piercing edge of an iceberg. From their encounter, Trouble learns that she is the barrier between Earth’s salvation and utter damnation at the hands of the ruthless, unhinged Chaos.

Having a hard time processing the weight of her destiny, Trouble keeps her secrets hidden from her closest confidant and the man she’s slowly falling in love with, Xaivier. But Xaivier has his own skeletons in his closet, and they both have much more in common than they think.

As Trouble gradually gathers a motley crew of allies in preparation for the mayhem that is about to unfold, she soon realizes that with great power comes great chaos.

-A dark fantasy romance where love and danger deliciously intertwine in an epic journey of ancient secrets and the inescapable hand of destiny.

In a world where goddesses walk the earth and monsters lurk in the shadows, Trouble Ferell is caught between two realms.

Meet Trouble Ferell, a badass assassin by day and a goddess with mysterious powers by night. When her sister vanishes and an ancient evil threatens to destroy everything, Trouble must embark on a dangerous quest to the Hidden Realms. Armed with cryptic visions and a mysterious map, she’s determined to save the world – but a dark secret from her past could shatter her romance with billionaire hottie Xaivier Stalphe and unleash her inner darkness.

As if that wasn’t enough, a new enemy emerges in Perrish with a terrifying connection to the ultimate evil, Chaos. Trouble faces an impossible decision: embrace her destiny as a warrior goddess and risk losing herself, or turn her back on fate and watch the world burn. Time is running out, and Trouble must confront shocking revelations, blurred lines between friends and enemies, and the ultimate battle raging within her own heart.

With the fate of two realms on the line, Trouble must unleash her full goddess powers and kick some serious ass. But even if she saves the day, the scars of her journey will shape her destiny forever. In a world where love and duty collide, Trouble fights to protect her loved ones while unraveling mind-blowing secrets that could unravel reality itself.

Buckle up for a wild ride filled with pulse-pounding action, sizzling romance, and jaw-dropping twists that will leave you breathless. Will Trouble save the world and find her happily ever after, or will she succumb to the darkness within? Find out in this epic urban fantasy thrill-ride!

The Lunar Prophecy Series

Bound by the Blood Moon: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (Lunar Prophecy #1)

For centuries a fragile peace treaty has kept supernatural factions separated in the city of Evernite. But the arrival of a mysterious woman threatens to end it all.

After his father’s sudden death, newly appointed Alpha Cole Wilderwolf’s world unravels further when he discovers an alluring amnesiac, Violet Belladonna, refuting tradition that prohibits factions to mix. As their forbidden attraction blooms, they become entangled in an ancient prophecy tied to Violet’s forgotten past and awakening sorcery.

The vampiric King Lysander will stop at nothing to reclaim Violet’s powers and crush the wolf pack Cole now leads after his father’s passing. Torn between love and duty, Violet and Cole race to uncover her true origins before Lysander seizes her under the Blood Moon’s spell.

But looming on the horizon is a new demon to fight that is even more sinister than the Vampire King.

Ancient grudges, primal magic, and dangerous secrets threaten to shatter the fragile unity between factions. With Violet’s magic awakening, she and Cole stand as the best hope to defeat the magical tyranny ripping through Evernite.

Will their forbidden love defeat the supernatural forces conspiring against them? Or will tyranny extinguish their light?

If you loved the forbidden romance and supernatural politics of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga, the fierce female protagonists of Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass, or the paranormal pack dynamics of Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson novels, then be prepared to lose yourself in this fresh, steamy fantasy filled with werewolf clans, vampire courts, powerful witches, and an electrifying connection that transcends realms. Dive into the first book today!



Eclipse of Fate: A Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (Lunar Prophecy #2)

Where immortal beasts rule the mystical kingdoms of darkness and light, only true love has the power to change fate.

Forbidden love ignites an ancient prophecy in this epic fantasy adventure. When werewolf alpha Cole and amnesiac witch Violet fall in love, they unwillingly fulfill a foretelling that their union will defeat a great evil. Joined by vampire Cassius, who has fought this same foe alongside Violet in previous lifetimes, the trio embarks on a dangerous quest to recover Violet’s lost memories.

Only by rediscovering her full magical powers can Violet reclaim her destiny as savior of the supernatural world of Evernite. Cassius, Cole, and Violet must race to unlock the secrets of Violet’s past and gather allies before otherworldly forces plunge their land into chaos.

Bound by fate and their blossoming romance, Violet and Cole find their improbable affections could decide the future of realms human and magical alike. But grave revelations and betrayals await that will test the prophecy’s champions like never before.   

If you couldn’t get enough of the forbidden love between a fiercely protective werewolf and an empowered witch goddess in novels like A Discovery of Witches and Shadow and Bone…then prepare to be entranced by Eclipse of Fate!

The exhilarating next chapter in The Lunar Prophecy sweeps you back to the beguiling world of Evernite, where outcast shifter Cole lost his heart and very soul to alluring, quick-witted Violet in Book One. Except their taboo union has now awakened a sinister ancient prophecy that Violet is fated to save Evernite from apocalyptic darkness!

Can Violet reclaim her forgotten yet formidable magical abilities in time? As former enemies emerge as tentative allies, will lethal betrayals amongst competing supernatural factions doom Violet and Cole’s clandestine romance?

Delve back into their palpable mental connection fueling spine-tingling telepathic intimacy against all odds. Follow along on their dangerous continuing quest fusing white-hot passion with dark revelations that test loyalties to the breaking point.

Witness the intoxicating magic when soulmates from warring worlds unite with common purpose in Eclipse of Fate – now available everywhere ebooks are sold!

The Bayou Betrayal Series

In the sultry heart of Louisiana, amidst the vibrant chaos of Mardi Gras, a seasoned hitwoman finds herself drawn back to the tangled roots of her past.

In the heart of New Orleans, Charli Babineaux, a skillful hitwoman, finds herself entangled in a web of corruption, murder, and family secrets when she returns home for her grandmother’s funeral. As she navigates the dangerous underworld of her past, Charli uncovers a chilling conspiracy that claimed her father’s life and now threatens her own.

With the help of her ex-lover, Lenny, a devoted ER doctor, Charli begins to unravel the sinister connections between the powerful Gaspard crime family, corrupt politicians, and her own family’s hidden history. As the body count rises and the threats against her escalate, Charli must confront the demons of her past and the shocking truths that lie buried in the bayous of Louisiana.

From the gritty streets of the French Quarter to the haunted swamps of the countryside, Charli races against time to expose the mastermind behind the conspiracy and avenge her father’s murder. But with every step, she finds herself drawn deeper into a deadly game of cat and mouse, where the lines between friend and foe blur, and the price of justice may be her own life.

In this gripping tale of mystery, romance, and revenge, an intricate plot filled with twists, turns, and shocking revelations that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final, explosive conclusion. “Roux the Day” is a thrilling debut novel that marks the beginning of an electrifying new series featuring the unforgettable heroine, Charli, and her quest for truth in a city where secrets never stay buried for long.