It all began with a book about a fourthGrader...

My Story

The tapestry of my existence began on July 8th, at Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Growing up alongside my mischievous brother and spirited sister, we created a world of adventures that rivaled the vibrant spirit of New Orleans itself. Drawing from my Louisiana heritage, I have woven Perrish, a fictional town that pays homage to the magical essence of the Big Easy. Get ready to be captivated by its charm!

Let me introduce you to the cherished characters who share my life’s stage. Alongside my two wonderful children, I am the proud companion of Persephone, a feline queen who reigns over our Savannah, Georgia domain. Her regal presence adds a touch of majesty to our everyday lives.

Ah, the memories of childhood when my dear brother read to me from “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.” Little did he know that those innocent stories would ignite a passion within me to craft heartfelt tales of love and longing for my high school friends. Their hearts raced with anticipation as I weaved scenes that awakened their emotions.

As for literary inspiration, my heart found solace in the captivating works of Jackie Collins. Her tales of glamour and intrigue bewitched me. It was in her honor that I created Trouble Ferell, a character reminiscent of Collins’ iconic Lucky Santangelo. It was my way of paying homage to a literary legend.

Yet, my dreams extend far beyond the boundaries of my humble abode. I yearn to wander across vast oceans and immerse myself in the wonders of England. The thought of embracing their rich heritage and savoring the melodic tones of the British accent fills me with an indescribable longing.

So, dear wanderers, I extend an invitation to you. Stay awhile, explore the depths of my digital realm, and let my stories transport you to extraordinary realms. Together, we shall embark on a journey of discovery, where laughter dances hand in hand with wonder. Welcome to my web page, where the extraordinary becomes commonplace and the ordinary takes on a touch of magic.

Determination is the unwavering flame that ignites the spirit, fuels the journey, and propels us beyond the limits of what we once believed possible."