The Witches Prophecy


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In the shadowy depths of The City of Perrish, a figure cloaked in whispers roams, her name a chilling echo: the Lady of Death…
She’s Trouble Ferell, a ruthless assassin feared by all who tread the city’s darkened streets. But fate seems to have grander plans for her than mere bloodshed when she gets the revelation that she’s a goddess and a witch… with blue flames.
Trouble thinks nothing of it, but the signs keep coming, and mythical creatures surface, including a succubus with horns as sharp as the piercing edge of an iceberg. From their encounter, Trouble learns that she is the barrier between Earth’s salvation and utter damnation at the hands of the ruthless, unhinged Chaos.
Having a hard time processing the weight of her destiny, Trouble keeps her secrets hidden from her closest confidant and the man she’s slowly falling in love with, Xaivier. But Xaivier has his own skeletons in his closet, and they both have much more in common than they think.
As Trouble gradually gathers a motley crew of allies in preparation for the mayhem that is about to unfold, she soon realizes that with great power comes great chaos.

-A dark fantasy romance where love and danger deliciously intertwine in an epic journey of ancient secrets and the inescapable hand of destiny.


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